Custom Design
Custom Designing To Your Needs
  • Do you have a home or office building that needs to replace exising equipment?
  • Are you doing a room addition? 
  • Are you building a home? 
  • Do you need to add heating or air conditioning to your home after all these years due to the effects of global warming? 
  • Are your ducts needing to be replaced? 
  • Do you have allergies or other health problems that require you to have healthier indoor air quality?
  • Are you a general contractor frustrated with your HVAC contractor?

What ever it may be, Total Comfort Systems can custom design a system to fit your specific needs.  We work with leaders in home heating and cooling equipment and are confident that you will find what we have to offer you to be perfect for you, your family or business

Request Bid/Submit Plans

Request Bid/Submit Plans

How to Submit Plans / Request a Bid

For your convenience, there are four ways you can submit your plans for a bid request.

  1. Mail plans to:  Kevin Cosgrove (call for plan address)
  2. Drop off your plans to Total Comfort Systems (call for drop-off address)
  3. Email plans to:
  4. Fax your plans to: 805-499-3177

We understand and appreciate your scheduling needs and will provide your estimate in a timely fashion.

If you would like to speak to someone about giving you a free bid on your project for adding or replacing your heating and/or air conditioning unit(s), you can

  1. Call Kevin at 805-499-3160 or
  2. Email at or
  3. Through the form below.
For General Questions or Comments

For General Questions or Comments

You may choose to submit through this form:
1.  Name

1. Name

2.  Email Address

2. Email Address

3.  Message:

3. Message:

We offer a full service design center of heating and air conditioning for new construction custom homes.  We properly size correct air flow and calculate loads by each room.  Layout complete duct system on floor plan taking in consideration of structural beams, joists, roof & sheerwalls, indicate register locations for each room.  Provide detail drawings of equipment installation.  Also we will give an equipment schedule and a detailed proposal for your project.

In addition, we can add a central HVAC (heating, ventilating & air conditioning) system to any home.  If your home was never plumbed for HVAC, we can design a system to work for you and your home.

Commercial building are always growing, relocating and changing.  We can work with professional engineers and building owner to design more efficient system to existing HVAC equipment, add additional systems for expanding areas or heat and cool areas; i.e. warehouses to promote productivity to employees.

Call us for any of your change or existing projects.

"We're not satisfied, unless you are completely satisfied with our products and services"



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