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Horton Tip Sheet (pdf download)

Horton Activity book (pdf download)

Horton, Dr. Suess, Energy Star Games

Energy Star Kids -Meet the Energy Stars, Change a light, Eureka we found it, feeling tired?, quickest global warming slideshow ever, factoids, word bank, make big changes, parents and teachers.

For more great information from Energy Star®, goto http://www.energystar.gov/

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) KID LINKS

Environmental Kids Club (Pre K-5 or ages 4-10)- air, water, plants & animals, you & your environment, art room, game room, science room, trophy case.

Sign up for the EPA Kids Club

For useful information from the Environmental Protection Agency, visit their site at http://www.epa.gov/


Their mission is to deliver actionable local information on recycling and product stewardship that empowers consumers to act locally, live responsibly and contribute to sustainability.

Visit their student section, which provides information and activities for both students and teachers. Whether you’re looking for a class activity on the three R’s, research on environmental topics or the next green contest or competition to participate in, use the links below to find the right content for you.

To get more helpful info from Earth 911, visit their site at http://earth911.org/

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