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No matter what your cooling or heating needs may be, Mr. Slim® is the perfect way to make any room in your home or workplace more comfortable.

What is Mr. Slim® Split -ductless Technology?

For many years ductless air-conditioning systems have been the quiet solution for cooling and heating problems around the world.  The popular and proven Mr. Slim® A/C system has three main components: an indoor air handling unit, an outdoor condensing unit and a remote controller.  These units are easily connected by refrigerant lines running through a small three-inch opening in the wall or ceiling.  The outdoor unit cycles the refrigerant through the lines to and from the indoor unit, where the air is conditioned and distributed into the space. 

For the Home:  Your home can now be more comfortable than ever with the Mr. Slim® M-Series.  You don't need ductwork or a window space.  The sleek wall-mounted indoor unit mounts discreetly high on the wall.  The outdoor unit is slim and requires minimal ground space or serviice clearance.

For the Office:  Mr. Slim® is the perfect solution for those offices and zones within your commercial establishment that are never the right temperature.

Mr. Slim® P-Series units come in three configurantions that will suit any of your hot and cold spot needs.

  • Compact PK indoor units perform quietly while mounted high on the wall.
  • PC models provide powerful airflow from their position suspended against the ceiling
  • PL cassette models ar recessed discreetly in the ceiling and provide adjustable four-way airflow.

Commercial Solutions

Whether you're looking for air-conditioning solutions for hospitals or restaurants, offices or universities.  Mitsubishi Electric HVAC has the perfect products for commercial cooling and heating applications.

CITI MULTI®, the first simultaneous cooling and heating multi-split zoning system for the United States, provides you with the utmost in flexibility and freedom.  Regardless of the building size, the system manager can provide each individual space with its own personalized, zoned comfort system and realize energy savings in the process.

Another option for commercial users is Mr. Slim®'s split-ductless P-Series, designed to fit various wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended and ceiling-recessed applications.

The Mr. Slim® P- Series offers

  • convenient zone control
  • quiet operation
  • humnidity control
  • zero degree ambient operation
  • automatic cooling/heating changeover
  • auto-swing vane or louver controls
  • redi-charged system
  • hot-start system

Each system also includes a wired intelligent remote controller.

For either product solution the key to comfort is Mitsubishi Electric's inverter technology, which includes a variable speed compressor for precise comfort control.  The inverter technology varies the speed of the compressor to deliver the exact amount of cooling or heating demanded by each zone.

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